(COVID numbers updated)...New numbers were released Tuesday morning.

The numbers are released by the County Public Health Department. According to the new numbers, active cases of COVID 19 are at 2,663, as compared to 1,364 reported last week. Deaths attributed to the virus have also increased. The latest report indicates 810 deaths attributed to COVID, as compared to 799 reported last week. Delta Variant cases have increased to 1,111, since the variant was first encountered in Imperial County. There is still just 1 Omicron Variant reported in the county. The Omicron was reported in late December. The latest State Metric for Imperial County indicates a positivity rate, 7 day average, at 26.5%. New Cases Per Day Per 100,000 Population is at 95.10. Total Vaccine Doses administered in Imperial County are now at just over 364,500.