(Alleged Money Launderers Indicted)...The Money Laundering Organization was based in Imperial County.

The Indictment was unsealed this week in federal Court. The Indictment charges 29 alleged members of an international money laundering organization that is tied to the Sinaloa Cartel and Jalisco New Generation Cartel in Mexico. The Department of Justice says during tthe past week, Federal, State and local law enforcement officials have arrested 21 defendants throughout San Diego, Calexico and Bakersfield who were allegedly involved in a sophisticated international money laundering scheme. According to the indictment, more than $32 million was laundered throughout the United States. Acting US Attorney Randy Grossman said this week they dealt a serious blow to this Imperial Valley Based international money laundering network with ties to the Sinaloa and Jalisco New Generation Cartels. Grossman went on to praise all the law enforcement organizations who participated in the investigation.