Imperial County has been named the winner of the 2017 Outstanding Local Streets  and Road Project Award.

The County Engineers Association of California and the League of California Cities Public Works Officers Institute announced that Imperial County is the overall winners of the award that recognizes cities and counties for their extraordinary efforts to preserve and improve the overall quality of the local streets and roads system. Imperial County was recognized for the Salton City Roadway Project. The 2.8 mile project employed a substantial engineering approach that strengthens or recycles existing on-site materials instead of the more costly and more environmentally detrimental remove and replace construction method. The project used 67% recycled asphalt pavement , recycling over 11,000 tons of existing asphalt , conserved nearly 25,000 tons of non-renewable aggregate resources , avoided over 13,500 cubic yards of landfill use , eliminated more than 4,700 heavuly loaded truck trips and resulted in greenhouse gas emissions savings of over $1 million.

Imperial County was named the overall winner of the award with other winners being the City of Commerce , the town of Windsor , the City of San Diego and the county of Los Angeles.