Over $113,000 in hard drugs have been seized at the San Luis port of entry in the last few days.

On Thursday , CBP officers referred a woman , a U.S. citizen , to secondary inspection after a canine team alerted to the backseat of her car. Methamphetamine weighing more than 32 pounds was discovered in the vehicle. The meth has a street value of $96,000. On Saturday evening , officers in the pedestrian lane of the port referred a 16-year old U.S. citizen for further questioning when he attempted to enter the U.S. A canine alerted to the youth and 1.3 pounds of meth worth nearly $4,000 was found taped to his inner thighs. Just moments later , an 18-year old man , also a U.S. citizen , entered the pedestrian lanes at the port. He was referred for further inspection and when officers started to search the man he attempted to flee. After he was apprehended officers found 2.5 pounds of meth taped to his torso and inner thighs. The drugs are worth nearly $7,300. On Sunday , a 33-year old man at the pedestrian gate was sent to secondary inspection. A narcotics detection canine team alerted to the man and officers located 5 ounces of fentanyl on his body. The fentanyl is worth more than $6,000.