(8 Rescues within 6 hours).....They were reported Tuesday night.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol dispatch notified agents at just after 5 pm of an individual who had illegally crossed the border into the United States. The individual said he was lost in the Mountains and without water. The El Centro Station's Mountain Disrupt Unit and the Air and Marine Operations out of Yuma responded to the call. The helicopter spotted the individual at around 5:30, about a half mile south of Interstate 8, near the In-Ko-Pah Park Road exit. Agents made contact with the man, a Mexican National. It was determined he had no medical issues. He was taken to the El Centro Processing center. At 9:40 agents were notified of two more individuals had crossed the border illegally and became lost in the mountains. Agents and an air crew located two individuals, both Mexican Nationals, about 10 miles north of the International Border. Neither was in need of medical attention. They were also taken to the processing center. At 9:50, five individuals were reported lost in the mountains. Agents in the field were notified, along with another air crew. The five, all adult males and Mexican Nationals, were found several hundred feet from the border. None needed medical attention. The five were taken to the El Centro Processing Center. Since October the El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents have rescued 164 individuals who were lost or in distress.