(Border Patrol Rescues two in separate incidents)...Both rescues were in East San Diego County.

The first incident was reported Friday. Mexican Officials notified  the San Diego Foreign Operations Branch that a man was lost in the Otay Mountains. A Border Patrol BORSTAR team was dispatched to begin the search. The team was able to quickly find the find. When they got to him he was  coughing up blodd and struggling to breath. The man was provided a metered Dose inhaler to calm his symptoms. The team carried the man down the mountain and turned him over to awaiting emergency medical personnel, who transported him to a hospital to be treated for severe hypertension and dehydration. The man was identified as a 41 year old Guatemalan who had entered the US illegally. The second rescue was Sunday near Jamul. Border Patrol agents encountered a man in the wilderness. They said the man was in an altered state, going in and out of consciousness. With the help from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Border Patrol agents carried the man to a waiting ambulance, that transported the man to a hospital. He was identified as a 27 year old Honduran who had entered the US illegally.