(Man rescued Thursday morning)....The man was found in the Jacumba Wilderness region near Ocotillo.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents made the rescue. At around 3:20 Thursday morning agents were notified a call had been received from a man left behind by smugglers. The caller said he had spent a couple days lost in the mountains and was in need of some water. The El Centro Station's Mountain Disrupt Unit, along with air support, began the search. They used coordinates obtained from the lost individuals cell phone. They found the individual at around 8:30 Thursday morning. The individual was checked and it was determined he was in need of medical attention. He was transported to the El Centro Processing station, where it was determined the individual was a Mexican National and had entered the US illegally. He was processed and deported back to Mexico. Since October El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents have successfully rescued 113 individuals lost or in distress.