(Four rescued in the wilderness)....It was a bi-national rescue effort.

At around 12:55 Tuesday morning the El Centro Sector Border Patrols Foreign Operations Branch notified agents that they had received a call from Mexican officials of a distress call, made by a man who had illegally crossed the border. The caller said he and three other people were lost in the mountains and had no food or water. The El Centro Station's Mountain Disrupt Unit responded to the area and began the search using GPS coordinates provided by the lost individual's cell phone. At around 2:15 that morning the agents located the lost individuals. They were assessed and it was determined none were in need of medical attention. It was determined the four were Mexican Nationals and all had entered the US illegally. They were transported to El Centro, where they were processed and deported back to Mexico. Since October, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents have successfully rescued 112 individuals lost or in distress.