(Supervisors will be talking about COVID 19)...The Board meets Tuesday morning.

In public session, the Board is scheduled to discuss a Budget Amnedment Resolution for Hospital Preparedness Program COVID 19 Emergency Preparedness Office, Alternative Care Site, State of California Office of Emergency Services, Federal Medical Station, Coronavirus Relief Fund, and Division of Environmental Health Point of Entry Pilot Project, in the amount of $1,302,257. There will be no fiscal impact to the County General fund. The Board will receive their weekly COVID 19 update from the Public Health Department. They will discuss the Master Agreement for utilization of funds by agency under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act with the Imperial Valley Regional Occupation Program for the Registered Nurse Mentorship Program in an amount not to exceed $360,000. And the Board will discuss the Master Equity Lease Agreement with Enterprise FM Trust. Those interested can view the meeting via Live Stream, available on the County Website.