(Abatti versus the IID)....It is still not over.

This week Mike Abatti filed a writ with the US Supreme Court. Abatti is asking the Nations Highest court to overturn an appellate decision. The appellate court overturned an originally ruling and declared the Imperial Irrigation District held the water rights for Imperial County, not the farmers or landowners. That decision said the farmers and land owners had a right to water service. The court will decide if they want to hear Abatti's writ at a later date. In the meantime, the IID says they are moving forward. IID Board President Jim Hanks issued a statement. He said the Board respects Mr. Michael Abatti's right to pursue resolution in this matter and the Board has committed to meet its oath of office and its fiduciary duties of care and loyalty as elected officials. Hanks said while both parties hold steadfast to their positions on that matter, waiting for a decision whether the case will be accepted by the US Supreme Court, the IID plans to move forward in implementing an equitable distribution plan consistent with the Appellate Court decision, while on a parallel path of preparation for defense.