The U. S. Border Patrol has added more details to the Tuesday morning tragedy.

A press release from the Border Patrol says that there were two separate incidents. The first was reported shortly before 6:00a.m. Tuesday when a red Suburban was reported burning on Interstate 8 near Highway 115. Witnesses reported seeing approximately 20 people fleeing the burning SUV. The Border Patrol responded to the area and located 19 illegal aliens hiding in the nearby brush. At about the same time , Border Patrol agents discovered a 10-foot breach in the International Boundary Fence between the U. S. and Mexico near Gordon's Well , about 30 miles east of the Interstate 8 / Highway 115 interchange. Review of the video surveillance footage showed two different vehicles leaving that area. Border Patrol agents were already working border incursions in the area where the breach occurred.  Just minutes later the Border Patrol was called to assist in the accident at Highway 115 and Norrish Road. The Border Patrol reiterated that at no time was the CBP / USBP attempting to stop or in pursuit of either vehicle. The California Highway Patrol is leading the investigation into the at Highway 115 and Norrish Road. Homeland Security has indicated that they are investigating the human smuggling events.