(Legislature Approves relief package)....It is the COVID Relief Early Budget Package.

The state lgislature approved several measures in the package. Among the measures approved are the Golden State Stimulus Chackes and Small Business Aid. Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia says the package is designed to bring immediate assistance to individuals, small businesses, non-profits and others. Garcia said these legislative budget actions are part of the Governor and Legislature's $9.6 billion pandemic emrgency relief package and included funding for initiatives Garcia has championed, such as Golden State Stimulus payments, small business grants, farmworker housing to Harvest program, and childcare assistance. The package includes $600 stimulus checks for low income residents, $2.1 billion in Small Business Grants, including $50 million for Non-profit Cultural Institutions, $402 million for subsidized childcare and pre-school providers, $123 million Community College Student Emergency Financial Assistance, $35 million for Food Banks and Diaper Banks, $24 million Housing to Harvest Program; providing shelter and aid for farmworkers impacted by COVID 19, Barbering and cosmetology license relief, and Restaurant and Bars Department of Aloholic Beverage control license fee relief. Other measures in the package are pending a vote in the legislature.