(County agrees to participate in a New River MOU)….But there is a caveat.

The County Board of Supervisors discussed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Imperial Irrigation District and the City of Calexico for the New River Improvement Project. The EPA has approved a $1.4 million grant to pay for engineering and other studies for the Project, but the funds will not be released until an agreement is reached between the County, IID and the City of Calexico. That agreement is the proposed MOU. The Memorandum calls for each of the three entities to pay $50,000 per year for the maintenance and operation of the system approved for the New River Project. The County Board approved the MOU Tuesday, but with the caveat that the MOU be reviewed every year, and that the County does not become the lead agency for the Project that would be within the Calexico City limits. The IID and the City of Calexico have not yet discussed the proposed MOU.