(Affected individuals notified)...IVC notified the individuals.

Officials say the College has notified affected individuals of a potential incident that may have affected their personal information. On or around August 6, 2020 the Imperial County Community College District, of IVC, became aware of a potential compromise to their computer network. The District immediately took proactive steps to secure and restore their network. They engaged a third party forensic company to investigate the cause and scope of the incident. It was ultimately determine one account was hacked and compromised by an unknown source, which allowed access onto the ICCD's computer network. On October 6, after thorough investigation, the District determined that the unauthorized access may have allowed access to individuals' personal information. They say notably, there is no indication that any information potentially accessed was misused during the incident. They are recommending that individuals remain vigilant in regularly reviewing and monitoring all account statements and credit history to guard against any unauthorized transactions or activity. If any suspicious or unusual activity is discovered, contact your financial institution.