The County Board of Supervisors)...They hold their regular meeting Tuesday.

The public portion of the meetingt begins at 10:00 am. The Board will get an official update on COVID 19 in Imperial County. The update will be dlivered by the County Public Health Department. They will also receive an update on the 2020 Genral Election. Included in the meeting is possibly appointing the County Executive Officer to administer the Coronavirus Relief Fund, or CARS Act, monies and make the necessary expenditures for all public health and economic emergency items to the COVID 19 pandemic. Th Board will consider requests for the Imperial Valley Continuum of Care, which is handling the Homeless situation in th County. and they will consider reorganization of the County Social Services Department. Because of the current pandemic the Board prefers to meet with staff, only. They request the intersted public view the meeting via live stream, available on the County website.