(Two gang members arrested)...It was in two separate incidents.

Both arrests were on Monday. The first incident happened at around 6:40 pm when Border Patrol agents observed a man illegally enter the United States. El Centro Sector Agents assigned to the Calexico Stration arrested the man about 12 miles east of the Calexico Downtown Port of Entry. While the man was being processed he was screened for immigration and criminal history. Agents discovered the man was a 36 year old native of Mexico, and he was a documented member of the Sureno gang, and that he had been removed from the US in 2003. The second arrest happened at around 7:00 pm about 16 miles east of the Calexico Downtown Port. This idividual was identified as a 42 year old Mexican National, who was also a documented Sureno gang member. He had been removed from the US multiple times. It was also determined the 42 year old had a felony conviction in 1998 out of Stockton, Ca. Agents also found other violent felony convictions. He had been sentenced to more t6han 15 years in prison. Both men are being held in federal custody pending criminal prosecution.