(Hispanic Outlook)...They are recognizing IVC.

The magazine has listed Imperial Valley College in the top 100 community colleges nationally that serve Hispanics. IVC was named 16th in Grand Toital Associate Degrees awarded Hispanic or Latin students in 2019. They were also named 46th in Total Enrollment 2 year Schools 2018-2019 for Hispanic/Latin student enrollment. Imperial Valley College has been recognized by The Hispanic Outlook on Education Magazine as one of the leading community colleges for Hispanics in the United States and has been highlighted in the October issue of HO Magazine. Dr. Martha Garcia, Superintendent/President of IVC said she was honored that Imperial Valley College is recognized as one of the top 100 community colleges and universities in the United States to enroll and assist Hispanic students achieve their goal of earning a degree. She said the purpose of the institution is to enable students to succeed and transform their dreams into reality.