(Another Gang Member arrested)...He was the second of two arrested last week.

The first one was caught illegallt re-entering the US near Calexico. The second one was arrested late last week at the Highway 86 checkpoint. A taxi cab drove up to the checkpoint with one passenger. The passenger presented a Lawful Permanent Resident Card, which Border Patrol agents believed belonged to another person. The taxi was sent to the secondary inspection area. During the inspection, it was confirmed the passenger was an imposter. It was determined the man was a 32 year old native of Mexico who had entered the US illegally. It was also determined the man was a documented Sureno Gang member, with a prior conviction of re-entering the US illegally. The man has an extensive criminal history, with multiple convictions, including participating in a criminal street gang and assault with a deadly weapon out of Orange County. He had been sentenced to 5 years in prison. He was taken into federal custody to await prosecution.