(Sureno gang member arrested)...He was caught entering the US illegally, again.

El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents made the arrest. They were working the Calexico area. At around 11:50 Tuesday night the agents saw a man enter the US illegally. The man was detained about a half mile west of the downtown Calexico Port of Entry. He was taken to the Calexico Border Patrol Statrion to be processed. During a recordfs check it was determined the man was a 35 year old Mexican National. It was also determined the man was a documented member of the sureno gang. In addition, the 35 year old had an extensive criminal record, with multiple felony convictions, including; child cruelty, possession and transportation of controled substances, and assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm, out of Tulare County. Additionally, an immigration judge in Las Vegas, Nevada had ordered the man deported back to Mexico. The gang member is being held in federal custody pending criminal prosecution.