(Chamber against new location)...It was recently announced a treatment clinic would be moving.

A group substance abuse clinic had received a conditional use permit that would allow them to move into the vacated Factory 2u building on Main Street in Brawley. It is only a few doors down from their current location. The Brawley Chamber of Commerce is against the move. Chamber CEO Katie Luna recently attended a Development Review Committee meeting to express the Chamber's concern over the move. She indicated the Chamber was not opposed to the clinic, just the location they have chosen to move into. She said the services provided by the clinic are a needed component in th community. She said the Chamber opposes the location they have chosen to move into. Luna said the location, in the heart of their downtown, and is prime for economic development. She said they must put th time into developing this corridor as a gateway to the desert, providing the community and travelers with a unique downtown experience. The Chamber is also concerned for the youth who frequent the downtown during school hours and who could be exposed to dangers that comne with having 15-20 substance abusers in the area at the time.