The Imperial County Public Health Department updated the county COVID-19 numbers at non Wednesday.

The number of deaths reported since Tuesday remained at 188 , Imperial County has a death rate of slightly over 2% of individuals infected with the virus. With 467 new test results reported there were 52 additional positive cases of the virus reported. The number of active cases declined by 37 , from 1,042 to 1,005, 

Since Wednesday , July 22 the number of positive cases in the Valley has increased by 442 patients while deaths increased by 23 , from 165 on July 22 to 188 on July 29. Calexico has reported 2,878 positive cases of the coronavirus with 267 remaining active and a total of 69 deaths for the border city. El Centro has recorded 2,426 positive cases with 256 still active and 60 deaths. Brawley has recorded 1,569 positive test results with 219 active as of Wednesday and 23 deaths. Imperial has accounted for 14 deaths , 803 positive tests and 85 patients considered active.