(COVID 19 mitigation plan)….It was developed by the County Board of Supervisors.

Monday evening the Board met with State of California officials to propose several actions in an effort to continue mitigating the impacts to Imperial County residents and visitors due to COVID 19. The plan includes; reiterating the stay at home order and face covering requirements through increased public messaging, Strongly encourage businesses to enforce face covering requirements, close all non-essential businesses to in-store traffic allowing curbside pickup only, Increase educational activity with restaurants further clarifying curbside pickup, strongly encourage families to limit the number of people visiting a store to one person per family for each visit, Prohibit non-essential gatherings of any size, Continue encouraging faith based organizations to conduct virtual religious services, indoor services prohibited, outdoor services will be limited to 100 participants, as long as they can implement social distancing measures, Encourage telecommuting services as much as possible for all business, Close all county parks and recreational areas to public access, Strongly encourage cities to close their parks as well, Continue to collaborate and increase targeted engagement with local cities and law enforcement agencies regarding local health orders, Engage additional community based organizations and faith based groups in a reinvented outreach plan, and Continue binational partnership with Mexicali to mitigate impacts of COVID 19 in both communities. While the County awaits a response, they have begun working independently on implementing increased public engagement and collaboration. If the County reaches a consensus with the state a revised Public Health Order will be issued by Public Health Officer Dr. Stephen Munday immediately.