(Early Morning caravan of vehicles)..It will drive through the streets of Calexico.

It is scheduled to begin at 3:15 Friday morning. The caravan is the brain child of George Miranda and Bertha Carrena. The caravan is to salute and thank the farm workers for what they do. Organizers say the tribute was planned as a result of the duly recognized accolades of all the essential workers during the COVID 19 pandemic. All essential workers have been named, except the farm workers, among the most essential. Anyone who wants to participate is encouraged to do so. All you have to do is get in line. The caravan will be formed near the Calexico Police Department and will leave promptly at 3:15 in the morning, ending at O’Reilly’s on Imperial Avenue. They will attempt to pass by all the places farm workers hang out before leaving for work. Horn honking and waving will be encouraged, but social distancing will be strictly enforced. No stopping and no picking up people along the way. Over 800 gift bags will be passed out to the farm workers, and will include vouchers for free health screenings at a local clinic.