(Thousand Palms man arrested in Calexico)…..He is charged with kidnapping, and more.

Calexico Police Chief said Wednesday afternoon a woman approached the Calexico Wal Mart Money distribution Center. She told the cashier she wanted to collect some money, but handed her a note that said to call police, she needed help. The Cashier called the police. The dispatcher told the female to remain where she was until police arrived. Officers arrived and found a male and female standing together. Police approached, and the male put his hand in his pocket and turned toward the woman. Officers ordered him to remove his hand from his pocket, and when he refused, he was physically detained. The suspect was identified as 39-year-old Jose Guadalupe Torres. He was a convicted felon on Parole. Officers found he had a knife in each pocket. He was charged with kidnapping, robbery, involuntary imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, possession of a concealed weapon, violation of a restraining order, with other charges pending. Te female suffered several stab wounds to her legs. She was treated at the scene by Calexico Fire Emergency Medical Personnel. The Chief says the investigation is continuing.