(Court dates set)…After an admonishment from the Judge.

El Centro Police Officer Alejandra Hurtado was in court this week for a motion hearing. Hurtado is being charged with False Imprisonment and Assault with a Deadly Weapon, by means of force/produce great bodily injury. Robert Espinoza, who is representing the victim, told the court the victim had received communications to drop all charges by Hurtado and or someone speaking on her behalf. He requested a Criminal Protective Order be placed on the defendant. Judge Christopher Plourd said he could not find any legal basis for the order, but he did add a stipulation to Hurtado’s continued bail release conditions, that there could be no contact made with the alleged victim directly, indirectly or by a third party, as well as a stay away order from the alleged victim’s residence. A readiness hearing was scheduled for March 4th and a preliminary hearing was set for March 9th.