(Gang Members arrested over the weekend)…The two had been previously deported.

They were caught trying to re-enter the US. The two were arrested in separate incidents. The first occurred Friday morning. Border Patrol Agents with the El Centro Sector encountered a man suspected of illegally entering the US about 20 miles west of the Calexico Downtown Port of Entry. He was arrested and taken to the El Centro Station for immigration and criminal history screening. The records check determined the man was 29 year old Jose Hernandez, a Mexican National. He is a documented Sureno 13 gang member, with an extensive criminal history. He had been deported back to Mexico in January of this year. The 2nd arrest was Sunday afternoon. This man was discovered about 22 miles west of the Downtown Calico Port. A records check revealed this person was 53 year old Sergio Maya Rios, a Mexican National. He was an admitted member of the Paisa Gang, with an extensive criminal history. He, too, had been deported in January. Both men are being held in Federal custody pending further criminal prosecution.