The California Highway Patrol was able to locate a man reported missing near Calipatria  Monday night.

At about 8:30 p.m. Monday , the El Centro CHP Dispatch Center was notified by the Brawley Police Department that they were working with the Riverside County Sheriff's Office in trying to locate 78-year old Gerald McGroarty. McGroarty was believed to be in the Calipatria area due to cell phone pings. The Calipatria Police Department had been unsuccessful in locating the man. California Highway Patrol officers were dispatched to assist in the search. Dispatchers were finally able to reach McGroarty on his cell phone and were able to coordinate with the Riverside County Sheriff's Office , the Imperial County Sheriff's Office and AT&T to pinpoint the mans location. Officer Mark Maldonado located McGroarty near Highway 111 and Aten Road. He was disoriented and confused. Family members were notified and McGroarty was able to return home.

Recognized for their efforts in locating the missing man were dispatchers Amy Da Silva , Maria Mason and Alvaro Echeverria. Officers who participated in the operation included Michael Chell , Salvador Alvarez , Austin Fowler , Emilio Soltero , Jr., Jose Marquez and Mark Maldonado.