(ECRMC has a community recommendation)…Stop vaping.

El Centro Regional Medical Center is strongly urging Imperial County residents to stop vaping immediately as reports of vaping related illnesses rise. The California Department of Public Health has reported upwards of 104 Californians have been hospitalized with vaping related lung damage since June 2019. Two of these illnesses have led to death. This alarming number is increasing, and across the nation there are currently over 1,299 reports of vaping related lung damage, including 26 deaths, with that number growing daily. They say lung damage from vaping can happen very suddenly, and to people who have not been vaping over a long period of time. The epidemic is affecting young and healthy people who have not had lung disease or other health related issues. Almost a third of those hospitalized had to be treated with a mechanical ventilator, or life support, in the intensive care unit. If symptoms are suspected it is highly recommended that you seek medical attention immediately. For questions and concerns contact the ECRMC Asthma Wellness Program, or go to the CDC.gov website.