(Vehicle fire turns out to be worse than expected)…It was reported Wednesday evening in Yuma.

The Fire Department responded to a call of a vehicle fire near Pacific Avenue and 16th Street. When they arrived they found the vehicle had been involved in a traffic collision. It had collided with an Arizona Public Service power transformer. The fire crew found a fire in the vehicle’s engine compartment. They also found the transformer on fire. The vehicle fire was quickly extinguished, but the crew had to wait for APS to cut the power to the transformer. The transformer was in the parking lot of a restaurant. It had leaked 30-40 gallons of oil, and the fire spread through the oil to the restaurants electrical box. The restaurant was evacuated and closed for the evening. Once APS cut the power to the transformer and electrical box, crews were able to extinguish the fire. Fire officials say the damage had also spread to the traffic control box at the intersection. The driver of the vehicle suffered non-life threatening injuries and was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center for treatment. The incident was being investigated by the Yuma Police Department.