(Remembering 9/11)….Ceremonies will be held around the County and in Yuma.

They will join the nation in remembering the almost 3,000 killed in the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. Among those who lost their lives that day were 343 first responders. Ceremonies began last Saturday with the annual Stair-climb at the Fairgrounds. On Wednesday the American Legion Post 25 will hold a ceremony at the Veterans Memorial in El Centro’s Bucklin Park. That ceremony will begin at 5:45 am, the time the attack was first reported. The Naval Air Facility will hold an in-house ceremony to remember the Navy personnel who died that day. A ceremony will be held at Imperial Valley College, and another at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parrish Hall in Calexico. In Yuma 343 flags have been placed on the lawn at Fire Station #2 on South A Street. One flag for each firefighter who lost their life in the collapse of the World Trade Center. A brief Memorial Ceremony will be held Wednesday evening at the September 11 Memorial at Fire Station #1 on South 3rd Avenue. The 5th annual Moving Tribute will begin at 8:00 am Wednesday at Fire Station #3 on 25th Avenue and it will end at the Memorial at Fire Station #1.