(Know where the Cool Centers are located)…Triple digit temperatures and high humidity is expected for the next few days.

The Imperial Irrigation District is reminding residents the risk of heat related illness is high. The IID has been working with Riverside and Imperial Counties to promote cool centers throughout its service area. The cool centers are places to escape the summer heat. A list of the cool centers in Imperial and Riverside Counties are available on the IID website. Other tips from the IID on coping with the heat; Drink plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Wear a wide brimmed hat, or use an umbrella for shade. Wear lightweight, light colored, loose fitting clothes. Limit outdoor physical activity. If you work outdoors, take frequent breaks. Never, ever, for any reason leave a child, elderly or disabled person or an animal alone in a vehicle. And check on friends, family, and check on elderly neighbors and neighbors who have a medical condition