The Imperial County District Attorney's Office has turned over allegations against Calexico City Council Member Rosie Fernandez to the California Attorney General.

The Calexico Police Department submitted a police report involving Rosie Fernandez to the Imperial County DA's office on June 11 , 2019. The report was in regards to an alleged hit-and-run incident in the border city. On June 13 , 2019 ,  that case was referred to the California Attorney General's Office. The DA's office added that any reports regarding the July 6, 2019 arrest of Fernandez by the California Highway Patrol will also be forwarded to the Attorney General. According to the District Attorney's Office statement , the case was referred to the State AG to avoid any actual or even appearance of a conflict of interest from Fernandez's work on District Attorney Gilbert Otero's 2018 re-election campaign.