(Police respond to a reported fight)…It turns out to be much worse.

El Centro Police got the call early Monday morning. They responded to the 200 block of North Imperial Avenue. Police arrived at the parking lot between a restaurant and a motel. They found a male victim bleeding from the head and neck. As the officers tended the victim, a male suspect later identified as 26 year old Santos Velasquez, exited a nearby motel room, carrying a metal object and started chasing a witness. The suspect ignored orders to stop and attempted to flee on foot. The Officer and ECPD canine Max gave chase and subdued the suspect and took Velasquez into custody. Medical personnel transported the unconscious victim to El Centro Regional Medical Center. The victim succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. Velasquez was treated for injuries he apparently suffered before Monday’s incident. Wednesday morning the suspect was released from UCSD, and immediately arrested. He was booked into County Jail and charged with murder. El Centro Police Commander Aaron Reel says the case has been filed with the District Attorney’s Office.