(SDCWA has a plan)….They would like the IID to participate.

San Diego County Water Authority General Manager Dan Denham went before the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors Tuesday. He outlined a plan to transport water under the Quantification Settlement Agreement from Imperial County to a reservoir in San Diego County. Denham said a wheeling agreement between SDCWA and the Metropolitan Water District is good until 2047, or the end of the current water transfer under the QSA. Denham said, however, there is a clause in the QSA to extend the agreement another 30 years to 2077. Denham said the wheeling fees with MWD increase over the years, and by 2077, it is estimated the fees paid by San Diego would be close to $10 billion. He said constructing a conveyance system between Imperial and San Diego Counties would cost approximately $2.4 billion. The plans are pure speculation right now. Denham said he would approach his Board and ask for their approval to perform a $3.9 million feasibility study on the proposal. Once the study is conducted, they would proceed according to the results.