(IID Board updates AB 854)…The Bill seen as a threat to the IID by the Directors.

The Bill, Authored by Riverside Assemblyman Chad Mayes calls for, among other things, an increase of six new Board of Directors on the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors. Those new Directors would be from Riverside County. They would have a majority vote on all IID issues, including water. The current IID Directors view that as a threat to the District’s water rights, and could destroy the Imperial County’s livelihood, specifically the billion dollar Ag industry. Due to lobbying efforts by the IID and others, the Assembly Appropriations Committee put the bill on a two year hold, to allow all concerned to meet on the bill and try to come to an agreement. Tuesday Imperial Irrigation District Board President Erik Ortega said Director Alex Cardenas, himself and IID staff had already met with Assemblyman Mayes last Friday. Ortega said another meeting that would include key stakeholders would be held soon. In the meantime, Ortega said the Divestment Procedure would continue until a decision was reached on the IID’s continued service in the Coachella Valley.