(Five Garcia bills moving forward)…That includes AB 743.

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia says AB 743 is the Student Asthma Medication Access Act. He says the bill will remove a significant barrier blocking students from accessing their asthma medication while in school. The other bills include AB 293 that deals with Direct Environmental Benefit Offset Protocols. AB 335, State Authorization to include Non-Transportation Activities for the Imperial County Transportation Commission. AB 377 that deals with Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operations, and AB 17, a bill that would prohibit an employer from requiring or requesting that an employee bring their vote by mail ballot to work or vote his or her vote by mail ballot at work. AB 55, County Veteran’s Funding is before the Assembly Appropriations Committee. If it makes it out of that committee it will go to the Assembly Floor for a vote. The bill makes $11 million available annually to the County Veteran Service Offices.