A correctional officer at Calipatria State Prison was stabbed by an inmate Thursday.

According to information released by prison officials , the incident occurred at about 10:35 Thursday morning when three correctional officers approached prisoner Douglas Compton who was refusing orders to leave an out-of-bounds area of a maximum security general population yard. Compton attacked one of the officers , stabbing him in the head and face. Other officers used batons , pepper spray and other options to subdue Compton. Compton punched two other officers and continued to attack officers. A correctional officer in a guard tower fired a lethal round from a mini-14 to stop the attack. No one was struck by the round.

Five officers and one sergeant were injured and transported to a local hospital, All were treated and released and are recovering. Compton suffered several cuts and exposure to pepper spray. He was treated and transferred to another prison. Two inmate-made weapons were recovered at the scene.

Compton, 38 , was sentenced in Los Angeles County in June of 2013 to serve 112 years to life for second-degree murder , voluntary manslaughter with the use of a firearm and possession of a firearm by an ex-felon with the use of an altered ID. He also had prior convictions for vandalism , possession of a firearm , robbery , assault with a firearm on a person , corporal injury and making criminal threats.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is continuing their investigation of the assault.