(County Board to receive an update on the Corrections Department)…The update will be at the Supervisors meeting Tuesday

. County Chief Probation Officer Dan prince will update the Board on the programs and services provided by the Probation and Corrections Department. Public Works Director John Gay will update the Board on SB 1 regarding transportation funding. The Supervisors will be asked to consider amending the Agricultural Benefit Loan to Doc Organics for an additional $500,000, for a total loan amount of $1 million. The amendment is being requested by Ag Commissioner Carlos Ortiz. Docs Organics wants to construct an organic packing shed in order to be able to pack their organic produce, mostly citrus, to be shipped to market. The Board will discuss a proposed budget funding reduction for economic development projects. At 10:45 am the Supervisors will discuss issues relating to the County implementation of Prop 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, including local options for enforcement, regulation and taxation.. This week’s Board meeting is open to the public at 9:30 Tuesday morning. It will be held in the Board Chambers at the Administration Center on Main Street in El Centro.