(Honduran Nationals rescued)…Border Patrol agents rescued the people.

The agents heard calls for help coming from the Salinity Canal bear County 9th Street. The agents saw six individuals struggling to stay afloat in the water. The agents deployed rescue bags designed for water rescue events. All six were pulled for the canal safely. Basic medical attention was provided at the scene. It was determined the six, two adult females and four juveniles, all Honduran nationals, had entered the country illegally. At last report the six were being processed for removal. Also in the Yuma area, Border Patrol agents arrested a US Citizen at the immigration checkpoint on Interstate 8, after three Mexican Nationals were found in the trunk of the vehicle driven by the suspect. The three admitted they had crossed the border illegally near San Luis. The driver was arrested and charged with alien smuggling and the 3 Mexican Nationals were processed for immigration violations.