(Traffic disruption in El Centro)…It is on Main Street.

The building at 598 Main Street has been declared unsafe. The building was destroyed by fire this week. The El Centro Fire Department says the building has been red tagged. Due to the construction type of the building and the damage sustained during the fire it is necessary to limit access to the immediate area, due to the potential for collapse. As a result, traffic in the area has been restricted. All traffic lanes on Main Street from 6th to 576 Main, the Union Bank and from 5th Street to the Bank have a soft closure, allowing for limited traffic flow. All traffic lanes in the 100 block of North 6th from Main to the alley remain closed. The business next to the damaged building will remain closed until further notice. The businesses across the street and Union Bank will remain open. The sidewalk up to the damaged building will remain open. The City is working to correct the unsafe conditions and restore normal operations.