(Carrot Festival Cooking Contests)…The final round was held Wednesday.

The Sweepstakes Competition is tonight. The Shine Carrot Festival Cooking Contest Wednesday was for the younger Chefs. For the Little Chef Appetizer division, first place went to Demi Mange with Savory Carrot Bites. 2nd place went to Emma Layton with Glazed Carrots with Bacon and Pecans. 3rd place was awarded to Benjamin Cano with Carrots in a Blanket. 1st place for Little Chef Main Course went to Dillon Anzures with Carrot Mac and Cheese. 2nd place went to Emma Britschgi for her Carrot Mac and Cheese. In the Little Chef Dessert Division, 1st place went to Isabella Kaufman with No Bake Mini Carrot Cake Cheesecake. 2nd place went to Luke Chambers with Oatmeal Carrot Skillet Cookie. 3rd place was awarded to Kloee Valdez with Carrot Whoopie Pies. In the Junior Chef category, 1st place for Appetizers went to McKenzie Toth with Carrot Cowboy Caviar. 2nd place was awarded to Kate Grizzle with Carrot Jam and 3rd place went to Andrew Angulo with Hawaiian Sauce. Junior Chef Main Course. 1st place went to Brooke Peterson with Toscana Carrot Zuppa. 2nd place was awarded to Alexis Piper with Taco Carrot Ring. 3rd place went to Griffen Garcia with Carrot Bolonaise over Carrot Noodles. Griffen Garcia picked up 1st place in the Junior Chef Desserts with Griffin’s Easy Way Out Carrot Cupcakes. 2nd place went to Katies Stacey with Carrot Cake Cookies and 3rd place went to Susana Norris with Mini Carrot Cake Whoopie Pies. The Carnival rides open this afternoon at the Carrot Festival. Friday is the Live Concert on Holt Avenue. The Parade and more is Saturday.