(Another successful Rib Cook-Off)….It was held Saturday at Samaha Park in Holtville.

The 28th annual Holtville Athletic Club Rib Cook-Off drew thousands. Attendance is estimated at between 10,000 and 12,000 throughout the day. Over $10,000 in prize money was awarded during the event. The judges determined the Best Ribs were prepared by Big Al’s. Second place went to the Imperial County Planning Department. Merry Sunshine took third and fourth place went to Los Compadres. Best Booth was AM Desert Storm. The Planning Department took second and Holtville City came in 3rd. Los Compadres picked up the top award for best side dish. Second went to the Planning Department and third place went to the County Sheriff’s Office. The Best Hospitality award went to Holtville City. Fish Tacos came in 2nd and 3rd was awarded to Big Al’s. Smart and Final received the Best Performance award. Rusty Paine was inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Kristen Sharp Smail had the Best Pie. The 2nd place award went to Ellen Underwood and Leni Heuberger picked up the third place award. Los Compadres received the pinnacle award, and La Brucherie Irrigation received special recognition.