(May is National Foster Care Month in The Imperial Valley)….The County Board of Supervisors proclaimed the special month this week.

Peggy Price, Director of Imperial County Social Services requested the proclamation. She said every child deserves a safe, nurturing, loving home and family. She said, unfortunately, for too many children in the foster care system, a supportive and loving home is not an immediate reality. In California there are approximately 57,000 children in the Foster Care System. In Imperial County, Price said there were 312 children in Foster Care placements, there are 120 children in Approved Relative Care, 57 in licensed Foster Family Homes and 15 in Resource Family Approval Homes. The special month is used to spread awareness and the need to increase the number of the foster parents and homes in the community. On June 2nd the Department of Social Services, Children and Family Services will hold an all-day conference that provides training, as well as recognize and appreciate foster care providers who have opened their hearts and homes to the foster children in Imperial County.