(Two year old found alone)…Border Patrol agents found the child.

Agents working in the Campo area found the toddler near the International Border fence, traveling without her parents. The agents had detained a group of 6 foreign nationals two miles north of the border, near Campo. Traveling within the group was the two year old, strapped to the chest of a 17 year old boy. The teen told agents the child had been with her mother in a larger group the night before. She became tired and asked if someone would carry her child while she rested. The 17 year old volunteered. He said the group split as the crossed the border into the United States, and he was unable to find the child’s mother after that. Members of the group were taken into custody. The child was transferred to a local child holding facility while authorities attempt to find the mother. Several in the group claimed to be members of the so called Caravan.