(Reorganizations)…The winners in the November elections are taking their elected seats.

It started Friday with the Imperial Irrigation District Directors. They held a special meeting to swear in Alex Cardenas, the new IID Director for Division 1 and James Hanks, re-elected as Director for Division 3. Hanks and Cardenas both won their seats in the June election. Norma Sierra Galindo was re-elected in November. She took the oath Friday to begin another term as IID Director in Division 5. Tuesday, the Calexico City Council will hold their last meeting with the old Council. The El Centro City Council holds a reorganizational meeting Wednesday. They are expected to name Councilman Edgard Garcia as the new Mayor for the City. Tomas Oliva will take the oath as the newly elected member of the City Council. Cheryl Viegas Walker will take the oath for another term on the council after being re-elected in November.