(IID issues a warning)….Scams are on the rise.

They say offenders are getting more brazen. The Imperial Irrigation District is advising customers that fraudulent activity has been on the rise.. The District says they have received reports from several customers over the last few days, in both Imperial and Coachella Valleys, who state they have been solicited by fraudulent callers who threaten to disconnect their electricity if payment is not immediately made. In one incident, a Heber resident was not only called on the phone, but a person impersonating an IID employee actually contacted them in person. The resident immediately contact the Sheriff’s Office. Mike Beltran, IID’s revenue protection coordinator said the public’s continued collaboration is needed to help stop the scammers. Within the past few weeks, the IID was able to shut down two fraudulent 1-800 numbers. It was made possible only through quick customer response. If you suspect a scam call the IID Call Center at 1-800-303-7756 or at 1-760-335-3640.