(It will officially be over today)…It is the November 6th General Election.

The ballots are being certified today by the Registrar of Voters and being sent to Sacramento. That makes the ballot count official. Voter turn-out for the November election was a decent 48.70 percent, much better than most General elections in Imperial County. Officially, Monica Lepe Negrete is the new Superior Court Judge, seat 3. The new Calexico Unified School District Trustees are Ciro Calderon, Richard Romero and Lorenzo Calderon Jr. In the Holtville Unified School District the elected Trustees are Ben Abatti Jr. Kevin Grizzle and Robin Cartee. For the Imperial Unified School District the winners are Abdul Mohamed, John James Denault, and Jill Tucker. In the Brawley Unified High School District the winners are Karen Morgan and Gabriel Contreras. For Brawley Elementary School District the winners are Gil Rebollar and Armando Padilla. In the El Centro Elementary School District it is Eddie Hernandez and Katalina Penland. In the McCabe Union Elementary School District the winners are Alexa Horne and Judy Tagg. The new County Supervisor District 1 is Jesus Eduardo Escobar. For Calexico City Council the winners are David Romero and Rosie Arreola Fernandez. For Calipatria City Council the winners are Javier Lorenzo Amezcua, Hector Cervantes and Huston Hisel. For El Centro City Council the winners are Cheryl Viegas Walker and Tomas Oliva. For Imperial City Council the winners are Karin Eugenio, James Tucker and Geoff Dale. For the Heffernan Memorial Healthcare District the new Directors are Gloria Grijalva and Norma Apodaca. For the Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District the winners are Lorenzo Suarez, Linda Sanders Rubin and Maria Garcia Aguilera. And for Imperial Irrigation District Director Division 5 the winner is Norma Sierra Galindo.