(Cattle Call Queen Contestants)….There are 11 contestants this year.

Ranging in age from 6-17. They attended their first orientation meeting Thursday at the Stockman’s Club in Brawley. That was the first of what will be several meetings for the contestants, before the competitions and coronations in October. The Cattle Call Royalty Association says this years contests appear to be the best ever. There are 2 candidates from Brawley and 9 from Imperial and El Centro. The Queen contestants are 16-year-old Brandi Whittle and 17 year old Lydia Jackson. The Teen Queen contestants are 14-year-old Rylee Locher and 13-year-old Kaitlyn Jackson. The Junior Queen contestants are 10-year-old Cheyenne Cox, 12-year-old Brooke Whittle, 12-year-old Katlyn Richardson and 11 year old Avah Mascarena. The Little Miss contestants this year are 6-year-old Payton Price, 7-year-old Julianna Ferreiro and 8-year-old Kalysta Lopez.