(Garcia Demands implementation)…The Assemblyman was talking about the Salton Sea Management Plan

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia is the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife. The Committee conducted a state oversight hearing Tuesday to ensure the successful implementation of the Salton Sea Management Plan. Garcia said they have reached a critical turning point. He said they have a plan, they have money, there is additional money lined up, and they have a constituency, himself included, that is running out of patience. The Assemblyman said now, they need to move forward and execute mitigation efforts in a timely manner to improve air quality, safeguard human health as well as the ecological and economic issues surrounding the Salton Sea. A fiscal overview indicates the estimated cost of the 10-year Salton Sea Management Plan is $400 million. In a report at the hearing $80 million Proposition 1 dollars have already been appropriated by the legislature toward the plan. Additionally, there is a $200 million allocation pending June voter approval in Proposition 68, as well as a $200 million listed in a Water Bond poised for the November ballot