(Brawley Playhouse Theater reconstruction)…The Brawley Co0mmunity Foundation has some good news.

They have announced Phase 1 is complete. The Theater is located at 124 North Plaza Street in Brawley. The Foundation says so far they have invested over $350,000 securing the building, engineering plans, environmental assessments, remediation and demolition. To celebrate this milestone, a press conference will be held Thursday in front of the Brawley Playhouse Theater on Thursday at 4:30 pm. That will be followed by a tour of the Theater and a networking/fundraising campaign at the Brawley Elks Lodge #1420. This is the Brawley Community Foundations second major project. The first was the Brawley Hotel. Since 2013, the Foundation has raised $37,000 from community members and $180,000 in grant funds. Phase 2 of the project is to refurbish the lobby, add restrooms, offices, rebuilding the fly and building a new stage.